"Just a frightening puff will get rid,
Sugriv of folly, his reverence to lit.
'With more riches, more love should dwell in us,'
-To see this, is a friend's onus.
There, Hanuman within himself asked,
Hath Sugriv 'forgotten his task.'
Hanuman rushed to Sugriv, panic of his torpor,
He convinced in words of lore, adore*, force, and terror.
Sugriv from craddle of lavish luxuries,
Woke up from his sensual sleep-
"My mind was robbed by luxuries and lust,
Now I shall not fail before Lord's trust.
Torpor=passivity, *adoration.  
"Let's call envoy to go all sides taking huge strides,
For monkeys troops from all heights, hides, all wides.
"Let my behest be widely conveyed,
Who ignoreth will sure invite his death."
There upon, Hanuman, sent for envoy,
Most politely their duty, he employed.
Devoted envoys proceeded in hurry,
And the very moment Lakhan, entered in fury.
Couplet :     Monkeys ran helter-shelter
Seeing Lakhan's brows on the tenters,
And the town tottered
Most humbly Angad entered.
He cringed at feet and made humble petitions,
Lakhan took him in protecting arms there upon.
When report of Lakhan's wrath reached Sugiv,
Pangs of his conscience remorsed and grieved.
He was panic-struck to assuage Lakhan's rage
He asked Hanuman to find some ways.
Hanuman then with the queen Tara went at ingress,
With grace they escorted Lakhan to palace.
After laving Lakhan's feet, offered him a seat,
Then Sugriv most reverently bowed at feet.
Lakhan picked him up and embraced,
And embarrassed Sugriv then spake-
Ingress =entrance (of palace); Cringed= to bow servilely.  
"The Senses O Lord ! Oft cross wisdom's fence,
Even sages could not keep themselves sane."
Lakhan was gratified with his humble excuse.
Then Lakhan reassured with healing views-
"Repent not Sugriv ! Maya dopeth maketh slave,
Who hath won Cupid, is the real brave."
Hanuman told him what happened in meantime,-
Batches of spies had been sent primed.
"Ten thousand monkeys are already sent,
To bring bears and monkeys from all continents
Couplet :      Full to the banks glad,
With Angad and many more,
Placing Lakhan at the head,
To Ram, Sugriv went forth.