Narrating the legends the night was fast spent,
Even as stars leaped and rushed to the west.
Next east lit up the expectant day,
Sun of hope illumined the holy forest.
As the first rays torched thro' the bowers' avenue,
Taking permission proceeded into forest, the two.
The forest had already witnessed the Regent,
How that Bharat was transformed into saint.
As they moved barefoot on untrodden walks,
Path smoothened itself, hid into self, the rocks.
Hallow woods in its own mellow moods,
Stood with bowed boughs, with ope arms of shoots.
Rove in groves, roars of rills filled Bharat's marrow,
Sorrow waned seeing rows of hills, and vista's brow.
Clouds afforded shades, trees offered laden largess',
Beasts filled their gazes, birds trilled the lays.
Rove=wandering; Vista=scene through trees.  
Couplet :     With every yawning, who uttered Ram,
Nature offered him aegis,
In every breath who muttered Ram,
Nature blest that Bharat, the bliss.
The divine canvas was filled with viridian brush,
Nature spreaded all about the vernal blush.
Keeping Ram within, Bharat rambled through Chitrakoot,
Viewing wondrous wonders he wandered through woods
Birds, beasts, breeze and buzzing of bees,
The bliss brimmed Bharat's bosom seeing laes.
Nature's carefree glory spreaded more bliss,
Bharat valued this treasure, over man's stately bricks.
Near and far oft in the way were seen,
Lone unknown Hermits keen in discipline.
Supplicant Hermint
Abbeys, altars sanctified the forest,
Even as they knew the coming of the divine guests.
Like meditating mystics looked the mute trees,
Some stretched boughs looked like performing yogis.
Seeing a saint within Bharat, Sylvan deity-blest.
On the third watch of the day roaming team returned back.
Couplet :         Bharat visited all spots sacred,
In five days of his quest,
Tho' Chitrakoot is said,
'its' holy in every step.'