Since Ram accepted Dandak as home,
The Sylvan entranced, sages unafraid roamed.
Nature painted richly the whole milieu,
More lovely day by day, the beauty grew
Birds, beasts, bees, looked full of thrill,
Hills, rills decked self finding the Lord on doorsill.
From ripples of rivage* to the far rival heights,
The bosom of virgin nature was filled with delight.
Hummed bees, in the soft breeze tides,
Entranced bowers nodded in saintly quiet.
Verdant mat was embroided with vernal thread,
Lord approved the glory of nature's spread.
Thus tenderling guests as tenant of nature,
Lived in 'Dandak-Van' for stretch of ten years.
In such daily bliss, Laxman asked once upon,
"O Lord tell of Thy show which goeth on and on."
Verdant=green; *Godawari’s bank.  
Couplet :     "What's true ? what's dream?
Tell of the hand at the helm,
What links the soul with Supreme,
Which masterth puppets of mundane?