He entered Raavan's grove and savoured fruits,
And began to tear trees and sever roots.
There were champ-varderers not a few,
Some he slew, rest rushed for rescue.
"There turned up O Master! One monkey robust,
Who hath overturned Ashoka grove to the dust.
"Among creaking falling trees, screeching of birds,
He hath crushed in dust our varderers.
Enraged Raavan sent champs and champs more,
In thick of the fray* Hanuman uproared.
With playful slaps troops he zapped,
Yet, yelling a few half dead escaped.
*At war  
Raavan then sent the chief, Jambumali,
Hanuman overlooked his valour, his volley.
King's stranged anger, heard of latest defeat,
Whose lust ever heard of triumph and triumph.
He sent Satjivha, Rudhiraksh, Raktrom, Shurdrust.
Satanic Vyaagrh with chivalry and chariots.
All were minister's sons, all firing bellicose,
Soon in own gore, splashed their carcass.
Then Raavan sent prince Akshay,
He moved with countless convoy.
New rows of foes Kapi did behold,
Like a thunderbolt he hurled a bole.
In speed like the wind itself,
Some quitter escaped but Prince Akshay was zapped
Zapped=killed; Bole=huge stem of tree; carcass=dead remains.  
Couplet: Some he slew, a few smashed,
Some he mashed in dust.
Dismayed a few escaped
‘Lord ! He is too robust.’
Warriors with war-lust were smashed to dust,
Stationed Kapi there, awaiting for more Rakshas'.
In sorry chill of son's death but still sultry,
Raavan dispatched Indrajeet, the boast of soldiery.
"Son! sever not, him you tether,
Whence Monkey came, let me be clear.
"He seems to be like wind, he is like fire,
Yet victory is sure for you, O great archer!"
Sultry=in hots (rage), tether=bind, tie  
The seasoned warrior went in great speed,
Kapi gnashed teeth, roared as he saw Indrajeet.
One huge bole he uprooted, and running riot
Hurled over demon crushing his chariot.
On Hanuman rows of arrows he did pelt,
But to swifts of Kapi all his skill failed.
Kapi clutched, clenched and crushed the troops
To attack over Indrajeet again he moved.
Kapi shinned up a tree and gave him a bash,
At this sudden clash, demon was stunned for a flash.
Gathering self the demon, worked mystic delusions
But wind-god's son was not to be won.
Son of Raavan, the clever was ever winning,
Resolved in his mind 'how to catch hold of him'.
Couplet :     The Brahma-missile he aimed,
At Kapi; who deemed,
'ts unending esteem ends,
If divine weapon is not esteemed.'