All monkeys returned, it was now night,
The gory day brought glory to their might.
Ram casted a benign look on them,
The same mo all fatigue of monkeys drained.
Raavan there, summoned minister's assemblage,
Told them killing of champs in the carnage.
The counsel of cannibals gathered to cabal,
"Should what make us able to save force of Sables?
Ghatkarn in pride informed to the counsel,
"tho' his son Kumbh died, but chief Dwivid, he killed.
"On the rampage, monkeys have ravaged,
Laid waste, half the legion of savage in carnage.
"And who survived are no better than the dead,
Have no hopes for their spirit to be fed."
Grey and hollow voice of aged Malyavan floated.
He spake all wisdom, with soul devoted –
"Listen to my voice what Veds quoted,
Who is hostile to Ram, his mind is doted.
"Son! you carried off Siya ever since that date,
Lanka has become ill-omen's target.
To Cabal = to make plot (secret), doted = to be silly minded  
Couplet :     "The same, Ancient of the days,
Who rights ever every wrong,
Who shuns devil and his dam,
Hath now descended as Ram."
“It is quite out of question,
One who dwellth in thou and me,
Who is person in each person,
Can He be enemy?”
"Shouldst thou please ! Discard the discord,
And adore Him, the Lord of lords.
"He descendth for His own cause ,
Thy mind's eye ist blind at His deeds, Alas!"
Words of Hoar, poured lava on Raavan's core,
He roared "kick this thick from the court
"O Vile! O senile!! Away O wretch !!!
Such accursed face, I leave, for your age."
Left the courtier Malyavan, the doyenne of court —
"The Death hath ravaged ravenous Raavan's lore."
"Morrow wilt be mine" Meghnaad uproared.
"The spirit of my marrow, is now zeroed on foes."
"In the battle I'll accomplish too much,
Why should I talk and belittle its worth".
Meghnaad roared in the court-  
Couplet :     "In own house a bluff huffs,
A Tough never puffs up
In the house a tough keeps hush,
Tho' his valour in fields speaks tough."