Soul realizeth in the very mortal frame
'Lord is more myself than I am'.
The Kaliage hath many draw backs,
But for little life of man it hath advantage.
In the pious-Ages, Satyug, Treta, Dwapar,
Then the Truth and Troth were truer,
In that age, even Venial faults negated the Gains,
Then, needed perfect penance and repentance.
While in Kaliage the Sins to remit,
Soul just need, His very Name to repeat.
With the faith and the fortitude,
Bhakti redeems from sins and rescues.
Kaliage keeps so low the threshold,
Little efforts for release, the high hopes, hold.
Simple man's simple steps are leaps,
To cross the very bar steep.
Venial faults=minor, excusable.
Couplet :     Simple whispering chants in this Kaliage,
Sound, resound and are heard,
Remitting sins, the virtuous acts,
Get the high and highest reward.
This age, in mundane is right sojourn,
Where soul simply canst reach its bourn.
The piety as is, to take pity on the Jeev,
And the service to the Jeev, perceiving in him Shiv.
Whole struggle, from ages of men, is about,
To reveal Satyug within and without.
Matter and marrow are linked with a knot
To untie, the verses of Veds taught.
Bourn=final Destination.
The devices are little in this world,
To untie that knot of meshy curls.
Gyan, the Gnosis is deep and steep,
Difficult to practise, difficult to achieve.
Path of wisdom is foot print of stalwart,
A sleuth made on the edge of sword.
It's folly to be wise on this track,
Rarest could attain the final state.
Couplet :    It's loving faith, fortitude,
The path ever which welcomes,
For the final beatitude,
Through practising devotions.