Ram, Siya, Lakhan in reclusive apparels,
Out of regal doors they appeared.
Meanwhile Siya asked Mandavi, Shrutikeerti, the sisters,
For care of Her heifer, Her doe, Her birds
At the pious doors of grotto of Vashishtha,
The Lord, stood as a supplicant hermit.
Crown hand of Guru ist the crest shield,
Is the unseen care, under the lee.
Guru crowned his hand over the three,
Ram captivated all hearts by His courtesy.
Moaning friends, maids and groaning civic,
Ram entrusted them to the Guru's aegis.
The Lord lauded Guru, spake with folded hands -
"Me Lord ! be to them, their own parents."
Then to bereft faces, Ram turned for farewell,
Gazes welled seeing him in hermit's apparels.
Aegis=care, protection; Under the lee=Protected from storm.  
Couplet: “Parting is parlous for all,”
softly Ram voiced―
“He alone is my best pal,
Who brings back King’s blithe”.
Parlous=perilous, troublesome.