Ramayan, the hymns of Himalaya introduces lifeblood of India i.e. spirituality to the world. Every verse in it has it's literary impact. May every patriotic soul come forward in its propagation. Above cast creed or faith its duty of every Indian (including NRI) to bring to notice of the world, Ramayan for betterment of mankind as a whole.

Swami Vishwa Bharti (U.K.)
Vice President,
International Brahmrishi
Mission, Hounslow ,Midd-X, UK


His wonderful mastery of English voice, familiarity with its archaism and above all his own poetic genius are evident in almost natural flow of expression. In so far as the message, character delineation and poetic beauty are concerned this herculean task has proved successful in this English text, which brings a pleasant surprise in regard to its truthfulness to the ancients (i.e. to Valmiki and Goswami Tulsi Das and many others)

P. Parmeshwaran
President Vivekanand Kendra
kanyakumari India

Indian philosophy is an art of life (and not just the theory), now it comes in English. Author presents a precise illuminating narration to those who do not have knowledge of Indian languages. I wish to express my gratitude to the author who has kept the spirit of the Ramayan, as hymns of Himalaya as high as the Everest.

Sudarshan Bhatia
President, National Council
of Hindu Temples of UK