Five Good Reasons to Read This Book
1. Reading this book will sail you through the unknown ocean of immense joy, divine experience and unique management principles. You shall also experience immortal and ever-fresh fragrance and flavour of enlightenment enveloping the entire cosmos .
2. The book paves the way for learning new approaches towards resolving human conflicts in varied and formidable situations and in achieving realistic goals (of human life) .
3. The book revisits the times of Ramayana through humble poetical expressions, for the pious purpose of easy reading and spreading His divine message, in the modern world. The reader is bound to experience eternal bliss at the shores of parallel streams of love, sacrifice, devotion and renunciation .
4. The beauty of the book lies in authoritatively conveying the rich concepts and wholesome lessons of Ramrajya in an interesting illustrative manner for modern day applications of these principles and practices and to propagate peaceful co-existence, harmony and stability of mankind.
5. The book would undoubtedly enrich your life with renewed joy vitality, vigour, pleasure, enthusiasm and sense of fulfilment of knowing the very purpose of human existence.
  (By – Amrat Lal Vegad, Awardee Hindi Sahitya Akadmi, Delhi Renowned Writer and Canvas Artist)