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On the path of Adhyatma the great work done by Dr. Gumashta is praise-worthy. This work will definitely increase the consciousness i.e. Chetna of the men towards Adhyatma. This text is the mixed presentation of the reality of literature and its spiritual vision.
- Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati, Jagat Guru Shankaracharya,
This is meticulously rendered literary piece. May it stand true to the test of time and public acclaim.
- Swmi Satyamitra Nandji Giri, Former Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, Haridwar, India
Ramayan is the pride and joy of India. Present work will prove to be a milestone in the endeavour to make the great Epic reach to the world and I recommend to all English knowing devotees to make this great work as part of daily reading, just as the Hindi knowers read Shri Ramcharit Maanas.
- Swami Divyanand Teerth, Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, Member BOD Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti , India
From Valmiki to Tulsidasji the literature has link with the previous epics, but still every text of Ramayan is truly original. And so Ramayan, The hymns of Himalaya is lively re-versification with effective verses. Readers will sure immerse into its natural Ganga of art. The present work is the fruition of deep knowledge of Hindi, Sanskrit and English.
- Swami Kalyan Das Babaji, Amarkantak, India
Spirituality is the life-blood of India and Ramayan, the soul. Its right time that the life-blood and soul together bring life to the dying mankind. May the hymns of Himalaya be sung through out the world and be treasured as the source of spirituality, assimilation and unity. Verses in the present work are reflection of ancient glory of this piece of land and will prove to be so in time to come.
- Swami Vishwamitra, Shri Ramsharanam, New Delhi
Compositions of Ram-Katha as the epic is the outcome of determination and dedication of the Author. Lord Ram Himself has made Dr. Gumashta His own tool to fulfil Lords Own task.
- Swami Dr. Shyam Das Ji, Vice President, Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti,
The present work is commendable. I send my compliments for the innovative and fresh views on Ramayan. I will try my atmost support of this great work in European countries.
- Swami Raghwanand, Suriname
Assiduously worked on this great work and brought out a wonderful treatise written in excellent flawless verses in commendable style using simple English diction, Pen in hand I wonder if I can really do justice in expressing my deepest thoughts of admiration, awe and ecstasy that were aroused as I perused through the pages of this wonderful miracle of expression both in content and in form.
- Prof. D.V. Jindal, English Linguist, Punjab University
Today we live in an age of doubts of science engulfing the art of faith, but the challenge has been accepted by the author writing between the current materialism and perpetual flow of eternal divinity. I am very happy with this writing which keeps the very message of divinity live.
- Ron van der Post , Teacher, Indology and Yoga, Netherland
Such great tasks are entrusted by Him through selected souls. And, hence congratulations for being chosen to fulfill His will. The work shall be admired by one and all for its precise, comprehensive and devotional purpose.
- Dr. G. Raghvendra , India
Its innovative work done by Dr. Gumashta on the path of Adhyatma.It is really venerable. This composition of Ram-Katha as the epic is the outcome of determination and dedication of the author. His work will definitely increase the consciousness of men towards Adhyatma. May the hymns of Himalaya be sung through out the world and be treasured as the source of spirituality.
- Dr.Shyam Gupta , medical professional, India
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