“Heed ! Hold on ! Behold ! O Earth !!
Read Ram! Be ready ! I make you alert.
“Cardinal guards! Awake!, the earth may not shake,
Bow of Shiv, Ram seeks to break.
To the stern bow Ram then turned,
Stunned citizens bade all virtues they earned.
‘May the bow turn light’ on-lookers yearned,
For the merits whatever their deeds had earned.
Some dolt, some doubts burdened the bow,
But doting and devotion lightened the bow.
Its perverse of suitors that laden the bow,
But holy blessings lightened the bow.
Vain ego of kings and their pomp-show,
Vow of Janak and queen's woe,
All further added to the bow, though,
But lessened by Lakhan's go.
In bevy some said 'if He fails we will die,
As soul 'll leave soon, the frame of unwed bride.
Couplet :     A hush in crowd, Ram Scant,
Least stir like predella,
A mute pang, then He kent,
With in stirred Seeta.
Dolt=foolishness ;Doting=excessive fondness ; Stunned=shocked.  
Her hung time stretched like an age,
Ram saw, the awe sketched on Her face.
Time crawls on the road of the throes,
On the lea of glee, it hops and goes.
What's gain if it rains on sere crop
An opportunity lost bringeth all bathos.
Ram saw tempest in Her modest eyes,
And Her heart Ram treasured within, as prize.
With auric heart and adamant's go,
Ram bowed to Guru and then to the bow.
Nimble He gripped bow, simply He held,
Archaic arch touched the roof, people beheld.
In swift flash Ram held, strung, drew it tight.
Mixed up bow's glare-Ram's flare, fixed all eyes.
All saw one dazzle and then two halves of the bow,
Ram broke it, echoed bow's aweful roar.
Stanza :     Uproar of bow, soared high,
            shoved planets off their row,
Though suitors crowed,
but saints did know
Ram ist one and the only prow.
All heavens, demons, commons
wer’ awed by the odd din,
When they did know,
‘Ram had broken bow’
they belauded loudly Lord’s win.
Sere=withered; Prow= worth, gallant.  
Couplet :      None saw it happen,
He was so quick and swift.
Roar of cracking bow deafened,
The bow, could not stand Ram's grip.
Ram didst throw down two pieces of the bow,
Thus eased among commons, tumult of throes.
Roar of joy soared up and up to heaven,
And blossom of blessings dropt in return
In the shouts of paeans of Ram's win,
Breaking din of the bow, drowned in.
Dumb gyres* wondered, yelled in joy; "Lo!
Ram broke Shiv's bow, that very massive bow!"
Muses of bards and music of minstrels,
Medleyed in lays; aired amusing revels.
Peopled air was intoxicated with ballads,
Town itself turned to the auspicious ode.
On parted lips of queen, the unheard-strains,
Yet, can be read on her face in seeming silence.
Janak poured whispering lay in his throat,
In the dinned air he dropt some sober note
* Gyres ( Spectators sitting in circles)  
Couplet :      Flatly laureates could crawl,
Swift feat of the Lord to depict.
Tho, within spectators it scrawled ,
And wrote a lasting script.
At breaking of bow peerage suitors peeved,
Just as breaking of the day, dims lamps of the eve.
To Her antique love Seeta's heart winged,
First time She felt 'bliss is aching thing.'
With praise to its fill Lakhan eyed,
Though, Ram's feat for him is a daily pride.
Royal priest, Satanand then gave words,
And Seeta softly advanced Ram-wards.
Peerage=Aristocrate, Peeve=upset.  
Couplet :      Moved she like a cygnet,
Shy steps and serene gait.
Though she possessed grace, yet,
Her pace spake, she was possessed.
Startled and thrilled abigails didst escort,
As Seeta passed by, Her beauty surpassed.
In Her vernal hands the wedding wreath that bloomed,
Was to wreathe worthy beau, that swarthy groom.
Her blush added more crimson to Her hue,
And, Her arrays, Her gaze, Her bays wooed.
To the draw of Ram, She drew near Him thrilled,
Even as drew on canvas, She remaint still.
Her apt abigails ardently said -
Invest the groom with wedding bays.
As She raised wreath with hands sublimed,
Her arms froze and warmth overwhelmed
‘Beauties dazzle each other’- is a perfect match,
Ram didst propend little, to reach hands stretched.
With bashful nerve and brash fervour within,
Siya invested Ram with the wreath of wedding.
Couplet :     The Bays blossoms on Ram’s bosom,
Seen, a deep blossom in His eyes.
A glee blossom rained from on high,
But fop kings looked flopped and dried.
Brash=bold/self confident; Draw of Ram= Attraction of Ram, Bays= wreath of victory.(wreath of the wedding)  
Music purled very nigh, warbled from on high,
Heaven alighted on the Earth, Earth delighted to sky.
Gladdened hearts revered from inner core,
Laden hearts were fevered further more.
Music, lyrics and panegyrics,
And rollicks in milieu aired thick.
Heaven looked lesser, Earth looked paradise,
Wondrous Festivity itself looked surprised.
Among Vedic chants, world warbled lays
Of winning palm of Siya, and of winning the bays.
Ope hands' offerings, ope hearts' blessings,
Were invoked on the Divine couple by common beings.
Abigails urged "Seeta ! touch yo'r Lord's feet"
But in bashful awe She was freezed
Couplet :      Feet didst wonders for Ahalya,
This was Her awe.
Ram kent transcendent love,
And innocent lore of Siya.