"You! Bharat ! a name till ages infinity,
Your affinity will be mark of fraternity.
"For the mutual love between you and Ram,
Can anyone on earth have qualm?
"Ram is your soul, Ram is your life,
And you are Ram's soul, likewise.
"Sky may fall on floor, Snow may emit fire,
Moon may diffuse poison and not the elixir,
"but in no case, will you for a while,
O Bharat! to Ram can turn hostile.
"Those who look at Bharat with askance,
They err in here with major offence."
Motherly warmth melted through her eyes,
She clasped Bharat, and lamented all night.
With the dawn sages and court gathered,
Vashishtha solaced, in words to meet the hour
Couplet :     "Brave the hour ! dear Son !"
Said, Vashishtha the sage?
"What passed can't be undone,"
And Bharat rose gathering courage.
Vashishtha escorted him to the sleeping sire,
In endless sleep, waiting for bier.
Bharat caused holy bath, as per Vedic trend,
And caused pure bier with own hands.
'T was hardest mo for the queens,
Came they all for King's last glimpse.
With herbs aroma, aloes, sandal woods,
A pile was raised at banks of Sarayu
In the holy cage stayed long the pilgrims soul,
A shrine, itself, was Dashrath's mould.
The priests put the corpse on the pyre,
And asked Bharat to do obsequies for his sire.
But, then Vashishtha said "You are abandoned,
By the King, Himself for last services as son."
"He was in difficult set of mind O dear Bharat!
Such move was issue of mood of a bereft."
Stunned was Bharat, sad steps stopped short,
Fell he as was severed of his vital part.
"Me, Alas from the funeral rites who is abandoned,
How, for father's throne, am a privileged son.?"
While the pyre of his sire was still cold,
By the side stood Bharat with ashes of own soul.
Bharat asked Shatrughan to do funeral rites,
More sad who, then, the pyre set to ignite
Thus was performed Dashrath's obsequies,
All the ruined steps, then dragged back in blues.
Couplet :     Aching words of Kamban,
Along foot prints of melancholy,
Of Bharat and Shatrughan
Dragged Laden muses in his poesy.
All rites for next ten days,
As guided by the Guru,
Performed as per holy texts,
the two brothers gone through.
Garments, garnets, garbitures, grains,
Gee, goats, grots, gold, gems,
Gifted Bharat with ope hands,
Among the pious and the plebs.