On the Awadh's Blue*, King's muted helms of blues,
Stormed peopled air, as spreaded the news.
As the touch of sting poisons all limbs,
As through slight slit, the whole bark sinks,
The odd silence of stunned revels,
Filled awe in milieu of the Capital
Couplet :     Paeans, melics sounded bathos,
And Awadh's festive crop,
Was swarmed by locust of pathos,
Some sickly screamed, some stood shocked.
*sky of Ayodhya.  
All sick and shocked screams asked,
"How the fate hath designed all odd ?
Vexed victimized people voiced against the vixen,
Rebels rebellowed and reviled the queen
"She seeks to perceive after gouging out eyes,
Venoming veracity she wishes ambrosial life.
'ts like in vernal grove, the jungle fire,
Hath scorched the nectarian hue entire.''
"Having set fire to a newly thatched house,
What brews within King's wretched spouse.''
“Heat of the tidings is as chill as death,
Sitting on bough itself, the tree she axed.’’
Veracity=truthfulness; Vixen=unpleasant woman (Kaikeyi)  
"As real mother she pretended herself,
But the foster reality hath come to face."
" 'ts easy, a man may catch his shadow,
'but for the ways of woman to know."
"Poseur's soft pats lulled Ram in cradle,
Same fickle mind exiles Him unto jungle.
Poseur=poser, not genuine  
Couplet:     “What not is faded by fate
What can’t bury in ocean
Alas ! who cann’t be a puppet,
To power of the feeble woman.
"What's not be consumed by the fire
Of woman's thin brow on tenter of ire.
"A mundane's play is not a fair game,
Alas ! what cometh and what we dreamt."
"For us fate bricked a castle in air
The mirage of mirth was a mirk of night-mare."
-the raising hell had all helpless hue
Of sighs of laden plebian view.
"Words to wicked woman" some said,
"May be turned down, it's no breach of promises."
"Ram was her daily bliss, her daily worship,
Hope me ! she may forgo her last wish."
In past cure state, some hope they possessed,
That proved to be their lives buttress.
"Mastered by weakness, king hath lost wisdom,
And realized not what calamity cometh."
But the saner didn't blame king's verdict,
For he upholdth all firmness of ethics.
'Bharat connived? 'some whisperedth in qualm,
Negation screamed for love between Bharat and Ram.
Couplet:     Moon may shade no silver but flame,
Nectar may poison,
Bharat can't even dream a flam
Prejudiced to Ram.
To connive=to plot, scheme; Negation=denial.  
Turmoil of fury had self-restraint-hush,
For honour of words of revered Dashrath.
In palsied crowd some blamed the Creator,
Who in poisonous urn had offered nectar.
From fitful fury vapoured up weaping cloud,
In flood of melancholy, drowned the town.
Peopled air was filled with sad squall,
Along the nerves chill ran with tragic hail.
Rushed to Kaikeyi her kins and friends,
Found not the same queen but all strange.
They reminded her of current of her soul,
That her flooded heart ever told,
Of the ambrosial warmth that along her veins,
For Ram's good, Ram's loving care, ever ran.
"Mind ! you connive the Ram's exile; why?
Tho' feminine, yet you had no jealous to co-wives.
Couplet : 'Will Lakhan choose home over Ram?
'Will doom part Siya-Ram?
' Will Bharat pick throne over Ram?
'Will King outlast without Ram?