About the Author :-
Dr. Akhilesh Gumashta, a well known name in his town "Jabalpur" as an orthopaedic surgeon.He is member of many charitable institutions. He has been awarded in various clinical meetings and conferences for his research work in field of Medical Profession.
The present work is a different field. His poetic expressions are impressive. Ramayan, The hymns of Himalaya is his exhaustive and devoted work of about 900 verses compositions and took seven long years to complete it. He depended on ancient Valmiki Ramayan, Adhyatma Ramayan, Kamban Ramayan, Ezhuthechan's Ramayan, Shrimoll's Ramayan and above all Tulsi's Ramcharit Maanas. He says "May the fragmented world be cemented by the spirituality of India, the very principle of One-ness."
Publisher's Note (Prabhat Prakashan, New Delhi)
India's vital force is spirituality and neither economics nor the politics. India, to survive it must have perpetual flow of spirituality and rains of hymns of Ramayan will sure make this flow more lively. This book will be an asset to the readers and will guide them in various epochs of their lives. This may prove to be one of the best seller among our long list of publication. Being 50 years of experienced hand we eagerly look forward for your response. We would like to mention here that the author has denied to accept any royalty saying that no ancient poet had ever received any royalty before, then why should he?